Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New Nails and New Years Resolutions

Sorry I haven't been blogging! I promise I'm going to get better at it! 
I hope you've all had a lovely holiday. I know I have! 
How do you celebrate christmas and new years? I've just been spending time with my family. I got a lot of lovely gifts. I'm actually wearing one of them now. As I've mentioned before I'm really into fitness, so my mum got me the Fitbit charge for christmas! So exited!!!!! 

I don't like making new years resolutions because you don't really stick to them, I prefer making small goals to follow. Like... 
1. I'm going to start walking more
2. Blog at least once a week
3. Look at the picture below! (Thank you Tyler Oakley for sharing!)

Tomorrow school begins again and I'm absolutely terrified! I really don't enjoy school! It's just a place with loads of lying and backstabbing people! Am I right!?! Anyways, the first lesson of the year is going to be (oooh it's 11:11, make a wish) History. I don't know why but I really don't like History. It used to be my favorite subject, now I cant stand it! 

On to another note....

Look how pretty!
Elegant Touch - Adorned Man Over Board (Blue)

I'm not used to wearing fake nails, it's in fact the first time ever I'm wearing them!
It feels so weird! I kind of like it though ;) 
The nails are pretty long even though it said on the packaging that they were short. I don't mind them being long because I'm used to having long nails. My mum thinks I'm lucky! 

I'm going to end this post here but I'll see you again soon! I promise it will be soon this time!

Yours Truly xxxxx

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