Friday, 9 January 2015

I'm Such An Idiot!

Good Morning Everyone! (well actually not good, more like bad)

Right now i am very annoyed and angry with myself! I'm at the moment in school, the time is 08.35 and my lesson starts at 09.40!!!! WHY AM I HERE!!! I seriously want to cry. I'm so annoyed! 
I don't enjoy going to school and now I'm going to be here longer than usual! *this post is going to have a lot of exclamation marks ;p* This stupid mistake has literally ruined my day!  But why don't you just go home you may wonder, well it takes about 25 minutes for me to go home so when I'd arrive home I'd have to leave immediately. *angry face emoji*

it's about an hour until my lesson start so I guess I can use the time to try and design the blog. Unfortunately I really suck at editing and designing so we'll see how it goes! :)
Wish me good luck!

(I told ya that the post was going to be filled with exclamation marks! #sorrynotsorry)

I really hope you are going to have a nice day! Don't do the same mistake that I did cause trust me it sucks. 

See you soon!

Yours Truly xxxxx 

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