Tuesday, 2 December 2014

It's December!!

Happy December everyone! 
Have you taken out your christmas trees yet? I'm planning on taking mine out tomorrow, I'm going to have a little cleaning day since school ends around lunch tomorrow! It's a really smal one if you wondered, the christmas tree that is ;) Btw do you say "take out the tree"? Because you don't really take it outside, that sounds kind of weird ;P

Anyway, I had a pretty chilled weekend, I didn't really do anything special, which is kind of nice sometimes. The only thing I did was to vist my grandmother because she broke her arm :(

Atm i'm in school, as usual. Can you guess what lesson I'm waiting for?
You guessed it!! GERMAN lol
To be honest that is the time when I have the most free time, I'm all alone... The others in my class has a 2h break. I only have 1 hour but for me school ends at 14.30 (2.30pm) (I think that is right in pm) for the other it ends at 16 (4.00pm). Personally i prefer having a shorter break and ending school early! Do you agree?

I'll see you again when I've gotten my little christmas tree up and I promise to take loads of pictures!
Bye from Mr Smiley face

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