Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I've just had P.E and OMG! I'm dying! I should give you a sweaty pic but..... Nah :P. We had spinning and I have seriously never sweated that much ever! You should seriously try it, it's amazing if you really want to sweat and work your legs. My legs currently feel like a bit jelly and my next lesson just had to be at the top floor! I FEEL THE BURN!! ;)

Right now I'm waiting for my german lesson to start. I hate german, it's so boring and I feel like I'm not learning anything. We are close to 40 students in the class! Isn't that crazy! It's way to much people. Anyways I finish school at 14.30 (2.30pm) and then it takes like 20-30 minutes to get home. It all depends on when the tram arrives. How do you get home from school?

When I get home I don't really have anything planned. I really have to wash my hair though. It's super oily thanks to the spinning. I also have to study for an exam tomorrow about politics. Anyone else who finds politics horribly boring!? On friday I have a math exam. I'm so exited...

About hair... I've been losing CRAZY amounts of hair lately and I can feel the hair going thinner!!! It's FREAKING me out!! I am eating properly and I don't use any heat on my hair. Have this happened to any of you? If it has leave a comment down below.

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