Tuesday, 7 October 2014

20 Facts About Me

           *A really old picture of me*

1. My full name is Amanda Maria Hagström

2. I was born on the 15:th of April 1998 (I'm sixteen)

3. I come from Sweden

4. When I was younger I had two rats. They were called Wictor and Wolfie.

5. My mood for the day is completely depending on the weather.

6. I'm afraid of birds. 

7. I'm obsessed with Teen Wolf!

8. I have a HUGE crush on Dylan O'Brien ^(*o*)^

9. I love watching Disney films.

10. I hate walking around barefoot, dirty feet is the most disgusting thing ever!

11. I love to sing but I never do it in public, only in the shower ;)

12. I've never had a boyfriend.

13. I got social anxiety :(

14. I get very grumpy when it's cold outside.

15. I'm a fitness freak.

16. I have a phobia of being under water.

17. When I had rats one of them bit my nose, I still got a scar.

18. When I was younger I wanted to become either a princess or a race car driver ;P

19. I want to travel all around the world.

20. I'm really silly, just ask my mum

There you have it! I hope you all enjoyed getting to know me a bit better! I've just gotten home from school so now I think I'm going to start exercising and then I'm going to have a bath. I love taking baths in the fall. It's the perfect bath season! 


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