Sunday, 12 October 2014

Cosy Sunday

* Can you tell that I'm obsessed with candles?! * 

Hello! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend! I know I have ;) 

On Friday I went to see my grandparents whilst my mother was watching ice-hockey with some of her friends. At my grandparents I got to eat and then we watched Idol together. I got home around 22.00 (10.00 pm). 

On Saturday my mum and I went out shopping. I found some stuff that I'll show you in my next post ;). When we got home we didn't really do that much.

Today I've just been cleaning my room, vacuuming, cleaning the floor, you know all that fun stuff. When I was done with the cleaning I washed my hair and now I have to do some homework. I got a little english spelling test tomorrow. 

When i'm done studying I'll cuddle up in the sofa with some lit candles and with my Veronica Roth book. I'm reading Allegiant which is the last Divergent book. I really recommend you to read Divergent, it's really good! Not as good as The Hunger Games trilogy though! 

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