Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Hungry, Tired, Lonely

Hello Everyone!
What have I done this week? Not much cause I got sick again! :( 
The right side of my throat swelled and it REALLY hurts. Everytime i swallow it aches, even my right ear hurts when I swallow. NOT FUN! 

Anyways, right now I have my lunch break and I'm starving!! I know I could just eat but it just hurts to damn much. My friend has a 2h break so she went home. Which means that I'm now all alone. Sometimes I kind of like being alone but not today. I feel kind of needy today *sighs*

What do you do when you're feeling sick? ONLINE SHOPPING OF COURSE! ;)
I ordered some clothing from BooHoo, I love their clothes I always find something I like. I also ordered a new cleanser, well actually the same cleanser I hade before but I really like it! You can find the cleanser by clicking here! It makes your skin really soft! Let me know if you want a review of it!

I may have ordered some other things as well.... these and these

Also, an update on the weather! The snow is gone, I repeat, The snow is gone! Unfortunately it will probably come back.

That was it for now!
See Ya!


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